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Internships & Jobs for Lawyers or Law Students - Estágios e Empregos Advogados Portugal Internacional

Internships & Jobs for Lawyers or Law Students Worldwide

Estágios e Empregos para Advogados em Portugal ou Internacional

Alexander Racini & Associates
International Law Firm

Portugal Desks & Law Offices

Alexander Racini & Associates gives you the opportunity to further your knowledge of International Law through an internship or full-time work in a global setting that will expose you to foreign law systems and policies.

  • This opportunity is available either if you are a law student or graduated already. 
  • No matter which country you are from, there's always a place for you.

Get in touch today with one of our Internship Coordinators to learn more about our International Recruitment Process.

Don't wait for tomorrow if you're ready, apply now!

Você quer trabalhar como advogado em Portugal ou outro país?

Do you want to work as a Lawyer in Portugal or other country?

If you are a Law Student or Attorney, Alexander Racini & Associates International Law Firm offers the opportunity for you to work on our International Law Firm and join our Legal Staff, you will have the opportunity to choose the branch of law and the country in which you want to work.

Who can join us?

All law students and lawyers from any country wishing to join our International Law Firm. If you want to be part of our staff and working on the largest International Law Firm, please fill as follows: