terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2015

Jobs for Lawyers in Portugal & Internships for Law Students Worldwide

Estágios e Empregos para Advogados em Portugal ou Internacional

Jobs for Lawyers in Portugal & Internships for Law Students

If you are a Law Student, Attorney or if you're looking for a corporate job,  Alexander Racini & Associates International Law Firm offers the opportunity for you to work on our International Law Firm and join our Legal Staff, you will have the opportunity to choose the branch of law and the country in which you want to work.

Alexander Racini & Associates currently opens a new round of recruitment for lawyers, law students, paralegal, translators, administrative staff and more, worlwide and in Portugal to these regions:

01. Aveiro
02. Beja
03. Braga
04. Bragança
05. Castelo Branco
06. Coimbra
07. Évora
08. Faro
09. Guarda
10. Leiria
11. Lisbon
12. Portalegre
13. Porto
14. Santarém
15. Setúbal
16. Viana do Castelo
17. Vila Real
18. Viseu
19. Madeira

Other continents to join us:

North America (USA, Canada)
Latin America (From Mexico to Argentina)
East Europe
West Europe
Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, Beijing, New Delhi)
Africa (Johannesburg, Nigeria, mozambique)

Are you looking for a Corporate Job? 

Want to join our team from Portugal or wherever you are in the world?

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